What Is the OneWorth program?

Powered by the four simple words “we teach girls self-worth”, OneWorth is a program for late primary and secondary school age girls and those who identify as girls. We take a fun but research backed approach to growing a girls' self-worth and make it a ride that the girl wants more of.

Our programs are delivered in a group setting. Although the girls start timidly with each other, over the 6 weeks they grow into a strong cohort that are willing to get vulnerable, get brave, make strong friendships and grow with each other. The girls are supported by a team of accredited instructors with opportunities for parents self-growth and school integration.

OneWorth creates ways for girls to connect with who they are, examine their beliefs and learn how to change their perspectives. It's fun, full of age appropriate play (whether you are 10 or 16), creativity and movement, and backed by research.

Founded by Mindset Educator Kirsten Roberts and Clinical Psychologist Sandy Burnett, OneWorth teaches girls to come home to themselves.

This means for the girl in real life, she:

  • Builds deep seated resilience that comes from a strong sense of self.
  • Strengthens her intuition, trusting what she feels and the decisions that she makes.
  • Notices and takes advantage of opportunities that are aligned with herself.
  • Lives with more harmony in herself and with those around her.  External views, circumstances and judgements don’t sway who she is.  Her inner sense of harmony means she is less likely to lash out at others.

How Is the program Delivered?

We love delivering OneWorth in a group program. The girls learn from each other, importantly they see that they are not alone in what they are going through and they form new friendships in a place where showing the real you is celebrated even if you are different to others. They have fun, get silly together and also get serious and vulnerable to get some clear insights as well.

Delivered over 6 weekly sessions of 90 minutes duration, each week builds on those prior so we strongly encourage the girls to make all of the sessions.

1. Anchoring Hope

Identify and celebrate the areas in my life that are going well and build hope for the change in the area I want to improve the most (my Domain of Hope).

2. Tuning Into Feelings

Get in tune with my emotions and the sensations they create in my body and understand how I can regulate myself more.

3. understanding PErspectives

Trust the perspective that I see and know that even though everybody is looking at the same image they can all have different perspectives.

4. Creating new beliefs

Understand the unhelpful perspectives I have in my Domain of Hope and know how to change it to a perspective that feels comfortable and free. 

5. Connecting With Others

Explore how past experiences have coloured the lens through which I see my world and the people around me and celebrate letting hurts go. 

6. seeing the future

Make decisions from a place of alignment with what feels good for me and celebrate who I am now and cheer who I want to be.  

what this has meant for the girls

In our last session with the girls we ask them what (if anything) has changed in their life. Here's what they told us:

  • I can stand up to my friends and verbalise when I see something wrong
  • Feel more comfortable approaching teachers without the fear of being shut down
  • Been able to let my family know how I feel excluded
  • Not scared of what boys think of me anymore and will live to please myself
  • No longer afraid of uncomfortable conversations
  • Deleted boys and people from social media I never thought I could, because of the way they disrespect themselves and women
  • Felt more love in my family
  • Competing for school soccer team because I don't care what people think anymore
  • Felt strong enough to bring very inappropriate comments from male classmates to my teacher
  • Feel more comfortable sitting in the uncomfortable rather than avoiding things

just a few examples of what happens when you change your self-worth