Our Team

Kirsten ROberts, Founder

BCom. MBA. MMKtg.

Kirsten Roberts

Kirsten’s history in working with women on their mindset and purpose led her to the understanding that every limiting belief a woman has is underpinned by a lack of self-worth.   She has delivered in person events, retreats and online programs across Australia, the United States and New Zealand.

Her work in this area led her to develop "The Four Stages of Self-worth" in 2017. Not long after, Kirsten realised that the real power of this work is starting with the girls.

With 3 amazingly wonderful autistic children, Kirsten is familiar with many psychological practices. In 2019 she approached Sandy after seeing similarities in practices to supporting women and children.

Kirsten is known for being bold, showing your crazy, her wild hair and clothes and a deep understanding of what kids are going through.

Together Kirsten and Sandy have built OneWorth.

Sandy Burnett, Founder

Clinical Psychologist
MA Psych (Clinical) MAPS FCCLP


I’ve always wanted to help people.

This all started for me in primary school after a long battle trying to read and 'do maths', an experience that truly challenged my self-worth well into my high school years.

My consistent guide was my absolute hope and belief that things would work out for me.

Throughout my struggle I made it my purpose to lighten the lives of others and to be the friend that others could lean on. As a trauma survivor I spent my life not trusting myself and hiding my thoughts.

These are just some of the reasons why I became a psychologist and why the OneWorth model appeals to me.

Kirsten has used her razor-sharp intellect and intuition to create a rock- solid model for strengthening girls' self- worth and I feel blessed to bring my clinical and research experience to develop programs that I know will help girls live their lives a different way.