Hey parents... you have spoken and we have heard loud and clear.

Since we launched OneWorth, we have been inundated with messages from parents asking how they can help to grow their girls self-worth. From parents who live in areas where we don't run programs yet, to parents whose girl has been through the program and they want to continue the amazing growth with them.

We are not currently taking enrolments for the OneWorth for Parents program.
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Founded by Mindset Educator Kirsten Roberts and Clinical Psychologist Sandy Burnett, OneWorth for Parents builds insights into how you are supporting your girls now and how you might choose to support your girls in the future in a way that is aligned with you and how your family rolls.

There is no magic bullet that you can say or do.

Instead there is the incredibly rewarding process of growing your girls self-worth (and indeed all the special people around you) by exploring your own.

It is through this process of learning how to consciously grow your own self-worth that you can connect with your girl at the "self-worth level" and build for her the environment and connection for her self-worth to flourish.

creating a strong self-worth environment at home

OneWorth for Parents helps you create a strong self-worth environment at home. That means that you are growing your awareness and capabilities in:

  • Honouring your girl's feelings by allowing her emotions to be expressed and felt,
  • Empowering your girl to trust her own intuition and decision making and improve the autonomy in her life,
  • Creating a safe space for your girl to express her ideas and perspectives and also explore alternative ways something can be viewed,
  • Holding space for your girl to forge her own path with a strong sense of self-belief and trust in her own judgement.

Following the pathway of this work not only gives the incredible gift to your girl of improving her self-worth... and for all the reasons why thats important you can check that out here.

It also brings big changes to your family and household. It's simply a gift for everyone.

  • There is more harmony. People are less likely to lash out as they are more secure in themselves and also see more of the good in others.
  • Closer, healthier relationships result as more vulnerabilities are shared, understandings grow and each person witnesses others as strong, knowing people in their own right.
  • Greater growth happens both for individuals and for the family as a whole as you see more opportunities around you and back yourself for change.
  • Simply there is more happiness and joy with stronger connections, deeper trust, greater understanding and a whole lot of dose of self-love.

every single one of these outcomes happen as a result of growing your girls self-worth AND YOUR OWN.  

How Is the program Delivered?

We know parents are super busy and have a masters degree in juggling. We have created this program for you to watch in your own space, in your own time.

You will be delivered one module per week over the six weeks.

Each module contains a series of videos and will include exercises for you to do either by yourself, with your partner, your girl or your whole family.

The videos are SHORT and to the point and chunked up to watch when you have the time. If you only have 15 minutes in the day, you will still get good outcomes.

1. taking stock

Get insight into how your parenting style has grown and how it is working for you now.

2. where to from here

How do you meet your girls needs. Celebrate what is going well and identify the area of your parenting dynamic you wish to improve the most.

3. tuning into feelings

Get in tune with your emotions as well as your girls. Understand your triggers and get insight into hers and learn emotion regulation skills that will serve you all well.

4. choosing your perspectives

Learn for yourself and guide your girl to understand the unhelpful perspectives that you each hold, and shift to a balanced view that feels comfortable and free.

5. Connecting With Others

Explore how past experiences have coloured the lens through which you see the world, the people around you and the role you play. Identify what to keep and what to let go.

6. seeing the future

Guide your girl to make decisions from a place of alignment with what feels good for her. In doing so, you are doing this for yourself and celebrating how you wish to be.

To Know When Enrolments Open, Join Our Mailing List