Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions below are in "normal speak" and some are in "psychologist speak".

We've tried to cover all the important things here and on our "Programs" pages. If you would like more information on a question, or you have a question that is just not listed, please drop us a message via our "Contact" page here.

What is OneWorth?

OneWorth exists for these four words: We teach girls self-worth. It is founded by Mindset Educator Kirsten Roberts and Clinical Psychologist Sandy Burnett. The programs delivered are based on The Four Stages of Self-Worth Model developed by Kirsten and teach girls how to identify the domain in their life they want to be different and then stage by stage the build that deeper self-worth within themselves.

We fiercely that a girls self-worth is one of the most fundamental influences on the lens through which she views life, the decisions she makes, the opportunities she sees and the trust she places in herself. Therefore we are super proud to be producing the evidence to support the changes in a girls life that self-worth has.

The partnership between Kirsten and Sandy in bringing OneWorth to life is very special.

Kirsten’s history in working with women on their mindset and purpose led her to the understanding that every limiting belief a woman has is underpinned by a lack of self-worth. Her work in this area led her to develop The Four Stages of Self-worth in 2017. Not long after, Kirsten realised that the real power of this work is starting with the girls. This is the work that can have a fundamental difference on the course of their life.

Sandy has a strong clinical psychological practice working with girls and a long history in clinical research. In fact, Sandy was the psychologist for Kirsten’s daughter and when Kirsten noticed the similarities in some of their approaches, Kirsten had a conversation with her about OneWorth and the partnership was born!!

Together we have created the OneWorth program. We have chosen fun activities and cool (or sometimes daggy) movements for girls to uncover insights about themselves, and moving creative ways for the girls to embody the lessons they have learnt.

A key element of the OneWorth program is “returning home”. The girls create a home base inside themselves which is their strong, knowing, safe place for them to anchor to again and again in building their own self-worth.

What is the program about?

OneWorth takes girls through The Four Stages To Self-Worth.

We are teaching the girls a repeatable process.

It’s a process they can use now for the domain in their life they want to be different the most. Importantly,  they continue to use it as their life experiences change and grow.

Each session builds on the last. Firstly the girls will build hope for a differently way of life by identifying the domain in their life (eg self-image, friendships, family) that is most important to her to change right now. Then she will begin learning the process of connecting into herself and her feelings to understand what is her truth without the false beliefs she might hold, getting in the way.

Once a girl is anchored in this strong faith in herself she can understand that what others see in her is simply a reflection of themselves. It is not her truth and she does not get to take that on as her truth. When a girl feels this in her body she can see the way she looks at others must then be a reflection on herself. This is a truly empowering way for a girl to live with love and harmony in herself and those around her.

When a girl is living with a deep knowing of who she is, she trusts herself and isn’t rocked by circumstances around her. This allows her to be really clear on what her desires and dreams are. She can see more opportunities and make decisions based on what is truly in alignment with her.

As you can see, this process is integrative and a girl, just like you and I, will be at different stages of the journey to self-worth for different domains in her life. Her relationship with her family might be strong, caring and supportive and she feels super safe to be herself, however at school she might not trust herself in making decisions and figuring things in out in the class room.

Thats why OneWorth is delivered over a number of 90 minute sessions (5 for summer intensives and 6 during term). It allows time for the girl to implement and integrate the learnings into herself and her life from each stage she moves through. She will be learning how she can identify and then change these things for herself again and again no matter what stage her life is in.

The Four Stages To Self-Worth. Level 1, hope. Level 2, Faith. Level 3, Love. Level 4, Desire.

Do young people attend on their own?

Parents are asked to simply ensure their young person is comfortable at the program venue, and then to quietly leave. We will always have a team member meet each person attending and assist them to meet the other participants of the group.

We prefer it when our participants attend on their own rather that with friends or siblings. This is to allow the young person to completely be themselves, without having to remain within the existing expectations of those relationships. After all, one of the things we want our attendees to do is develop their own concept of their identity, rather than staying within any existing role.

How many people are in each program?

We limit our programs to approximately 10 young people. Occasionally we may extend this to a maximum of 15 when needed to meet specific requirements.

What if there is a disclosure of concern?

If we feel that a young person needs further after care and support during or after the completion of our our program, we will contact the parents and engage with them, discussing steps that need to be taken in order to get maximum results.

If we feel that a child is in danger, our team will consult with Sandy, one of our founders and a practicing clinical psychologist, and take appropriate action in the best interests of the young person.

What should attendees bring?

Clothes that your young person is comfortable in and a personal, clearly labeled drink bottle is normally all that is needed.

Some sessions of the program will be run outside, and we will occasionally be using paints, glue and glitter. We will warn you if the coming session involves anything that may cause a mess of your young person's clothes, shoes, or hair / skin.

What if we can't make it to a session?

If you know you are unable to make a particular day, just let us know! We may be able to organise a "catch up" session or give your young person a fun task or 2 to complete at home.

What if there are no suitable scheduled times?

Please register your details anyway & let us know in the "Any Other Info To Note" field.

We use our "waiting list" of registered people to gauge demand for programs at different times and in different regions.

What if my young person has a service animal or guide dog?

Service animals and guide dogs are most welcome to attend our programs too!

All we ask is that you let us know when registering so we can inform other participants.

How do I get involved in OneWorth?

We are always on the lookout for people to assist in running our programs or to run programs in their own regions.

Just drop us a note via our Contact page & let us know your experience in working with young people and any other information you can share with us!

How can I stop OneWorth emails going to SPAM or JUNK?

This is a little hard to answer with a couple of sentences!

If our emails are always going to your SPAM or JUNK folders, you can follow the instructions here to get them into your inbox instead.